Collector’s Cafe & Gallery

Collector’s Cafe & Gallery

Here’s a question we get a lot: Is Collector’s Cafe & Gallery the most artistic restaurant in Myrtle Beach, or is it the most delicious art gallery on the Grand Strand?

The answer, for lack of a better term to describe Collector’s eclectic and creative nature, is yes and yes. For more than 20 years, Collector’s Cafe & Gallery has gain national acclaim both for its fine dining and as a haven for local artists and art-lovers – an elegant combination for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Like the works of art that decorate the walls throughout the 6,000-square-foot facility, the menu is also teeming with creative masterpieces. Collector’s experienced chefs are like artists in the kitchen, combining fresh ingredients and local seafood into tapestry of award-winning dishes.

Open for lunch and dinner, Collector’s Cafe offers daily and nightly specials made from the freshest catches and best finds at the local seafood and produce markets. House-made desserts and coffees, cordials and liquors and an extensive wine list add to the flavorful experience.

But there’s more to Collector’s Cafe than great food. The “Gallery” portion of the title represents more than 100 paintings by at least 25 local artists, as well as those from up and down the East Coast, whose works rotate to provide maximum exposure to the local arts community.

Shows highlighting the museum-quality works of individual artists are held each spring and fall and serve as the social events of the season. Guests are invited to check out the artworks before or after dinner, and pieces are available for purchase if you want to take home a favorite painting.

And is if the beauty for your eyes and taste buds weren’t enough, Collector’s also boasts a beautiful European-style coffee house where guests can awaken all their senses. Have a rejuvenating cup of coffee or other creative concoctions, specialty drinks or smoothies in an ultra-hip atmosphere.

So whether you are looking for a luxurious lunch or romantic dinner, a great place to see awe-inspiring works of art, or a relaxing environment for coffee and conversation, Collector’s Cafe & Gallery has you covered.

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