Collector's Cafe and Gallery


Collector's Cafe
Collector's Cafe

Collector’s Café features six unique rooms for dining or entertaining…

The Main Dining Room

This room offers white tablecloth dining surrounded by sophisticated works of art and Roman Columns.
Collector's Cafe

Collector's Cafe

The Grill Room

You will enjoy a captivation atmosphere dining on ceramic tile tables or a hand-painted ceramic bar where the chefs create tantalizing entrees.


The Gallery

This Old Victorian setting offers dining on
white tablecloths surrounded by large
original artwork. This room can entertain
parties of up to 35 guests.
Collector's Cafe

Collector's Cafe

The Lion's Den

This private setting is created by unique glass and wood panel décor and has a wraparound booth lining the walls. This room can entertain parties of up to 12 guests.

The Coffee Shop

Our “Euro-Style” coffee shop offers a relaxing atmosphere for sipping cappuccinos or cocktails around hand painted tables on a Mexican tile floor.
Collector's Cafe

Collector's Cafe

The Hideaway

A stunning 30ft sculpture suspended
from the ceiling along with plush couches
and chairs provides a quiet lounge
or dinner area. This room can entertain
parties of up to 20 guests.

Dinner / Appetizer Menu
Collector's Cafe

Wines | Champagnes | Beers | Beverages
Collector's Cafe

Desserts / Coffee Menu
Collector's Cafe

Lunch Menu
Collector's Cafe

Open Monday thru Saturday from 11:30am until Midnight
Lunch: Monday to Friday at 11:30am until 2:30pm
Dinner: Monday to Saturday 5:30pm until 10-10:30pm
Please inquire about our private dining rooms.

Collector's Cafe

RESERVATIONS | 843-449-9370
7740 North Kings Highway Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

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